The Tower Of Masters | June 8-10 2022

A series of acoustic solo concerts called The Tower of Masters was created spontaneously in 2021 and was inaugurated with a beautiful recital by the American saxophone genius Ken Vandermark. To this day, we are pierced by Ken’s magical music. It was a truly epic story that could never be repeated.

The concerts take place in the atmospheric space of the Trinitarian Tower. The originator and organizer of the event is Grzegorz Lesiak, leader of the Tatvamasi band. During the second edition of the Tower of Masters, brilliant European virtuosos will play. Each of them is an undeniable master of his instrument. They will be Portuguese trumpeter Luis Vicente (on Wednesday), the best, Polish trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz (on Thursday) and the alchemist and percussion wizard from Barcelona Vasco Trilla (on Friday).

Unique acoustics, atmospheric interiors and climbing the winding stairs of the Trinitarian Tower make the concerts held there an amazing and one of a kind experience. Associating with the artists and their art in a close proximity, when we hear pure sound without the use of sound equipment and see their effort, work and energy of creation is a mystical experience.

We cordially invite you. The number of places is limited.

The poster by Tomasz Gwdzik

The Tower Of Masters

Wednesday June 8

Time: 18.00

Luis Vicente

trumpet solo

The ticket 25 PLN at the door.

Luis Vicente is a Portuguese trumpet player based in Lisbon. He’s a very active musician, playing in several groups with different concepts – from totally free to composed music – having always present the sense of freedom, which he can never leave aside.
He already played in dozens of venues, festivals across Europe and in North America.
He performed and recorded with Carlos Zingaro, Wilbert De Joode, Akira Sakata, Johannes Bauer, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Michael Moore, Roger Turner, Mars Williams, Jorrit Dijkstra, Jasper Stadhouders, Mary Oliver, Paal Nilsen Love, Joost Buis,
Tobias Delius, Wolter Wierbos, Frank Gratkowski, Mark Sanders, Olie Brice, Marco Franco, Mette Rasmussen, John Dikeman, Luke Stewart, Alexander Hawkins, Ziv Taubenfeld, Roberto Negro, John Butcher, João Lobo, Hugo Antunes, Valentin Ceccaldi, Seppe Gebruers, Onno Govaert, Théo Ceccaldi.
He plays his own tunes in trio and quartet and is a member of: Vicente-Dikeman-Parker-Drake; Vicente-Gebruers-Govaert; Vicente-Trilla; Chamber 4; Vicente-Brice-Sanders; Corda Bamba; Twenty One 4tet; Frame Trio; Clocks and Clouds; Deux Maisons; In Layers; Vicente-Marjamaki; Ziv Taubenfeld’s Full Sun; Fail Better!.

The yt Luis Vicente cannal

Thursday June 9

Time: 18.00

Piotr Damasiewicz

trumpet solo

The ticket 25 PLN at the door.

Piotr Damasiewicz – composer, trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, traveller and curator of international music platforms. In addition to the trumpet, he also studied double bass, piano and classical singing – including Gregorian chant – choral and chamber conducting, arrangement and composition. In his work, he uses the language of jazz, 20th-century classical music, ethnic music, modern music, along with European improvised music and experiment.

Damasiewicz has represented Poland on four international music platforms: Take Five Europe, Jazz Plays Europe Laboratory, Art Meetings and Melting Pot Laboratory (Jazztopad). In the last two, as a leader, composer and instrumentalist, he developed the idea of open improvisation in contact with other fields of art. Currently, he is taking a doctor’s degree at the Instrumental Department of Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

You can find more information on Piotr’s website.

Friday June 10

Time: 18.00

Vasco Trilla

drums and percussion solo

The ticket 25 PLN at the door.

Vasco Trilla is an undeniable genius and drumming alchemist. The best quotes to describe his person are:

“Vasco is really one of the modern masters of a new ‘free sound approach’ to drum set and percussion. Defying the accepted conventions of speed, and ‘flashy’ drum set playing, he makes an incredible musical statement , taking us through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey.” Pete Lockett. 

“Trilla’s breadth of experience makes him a particularly protean drummer—he slides easily from playing precise time and complex changes to driving, pulse-based free drumming to almost indeterminate experiments in noise, using bells, bows, and other objects to create shimmering—and sometimes menacing—fields of sound ”
Dan Sorrells, The Free Jazz Collective

You can find more information on the Vasco website

The organizer informs that everything written above is flexible and subject to change

Dear listeners, we have a kind request. Due to the fact that the concerts will be acoustic and we will not use the sound system, we kindly ask you not to take pictures with professional cameras.
Such cameras tend to have a loud shutter which can disturb both the artist and the listener. Take photos and film with phones or tablets (with no flash) , but please do not take professional equipment with you. We only anticipate one photographer and that must be enough for us. We kindly ask for your understanding. Long live acoustic music!

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