At the beginning of October 2013 we received an interesting, debut album of a Polish band Tatvamasi. It is not yet just another promising group, but a carefully thought out music project. The very thing that the album was released by Cuneiform Records is an important and a significant recommendation. Cuneiform is a solid brand and certainly none of its protégés got there by mistake. It should be just enough to remind that the Record Company released classics of the Canterbury Scene (Hugh Hopper, Soft Machine, Matching Mole) or other significant groups of the RIO zone, for instance: Present, Univers Zero and many other outstanding bands such as Gutbucket or Happy Family. Cuneiform bets on courageous and uncommon groups that can merge jazz, rock and avant-garde music.

It turns out that Tatvamasi settles in this splendid company very well and, without any complexes, can join the American producer’s fleet.

“Parts Of The Entirety” is a dynamic album, where – often dirty – psychedelic sounds fuses with great rhythm section and beautiful tenor sax riffs. Tomasz Piątek wanders throughout this wide space starting from smooth melodies and ending nearly free jazz madness. The guitar riffs mix with melancholic melodics.  The recording’s live atmosphere is imparted on the audience who get sucked into the world of Tatvamasi music. Each and every replay of the album surfaces some new delicacies. The album actually does not include any weaker points. A bit more frantic Collapse Of Time marvels the listener, the shifts of mood in Shape Suggestion puzzle, a hypnotic Astroepos seduces with its slowly accelerating ambient built gradually by Lesiak’s guitar. The album is closed by a dynamic, and memorable, Buy 2 Take 3.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting jazz-rock propositions that has emerged this year. Among national bands they can compared only to Light Coorporation, but it seems that I am unable to decide which one of them I like best. I highly recommend it to all jazz-rock and Canterbury Scene enthusiasts and to those who can appreciate Cuneiform Records or ReR Megacorp. If you’re looking for a really vivid and exciting music, you have to check them out. Tatvamasi, at its weight category, can compete with the international champions.

Krzysztof Pabis