One drizzly autumn day, when the sky's instability could not possibly be challenged, Grzegorz Lesiak weary of playing ducks and drakes of fantasy at all puddles of the world, set off to the only joint in town with live music.
He wanted to draw up a plan of an ocean-going vessel. It was certainly only a matter of time for this man, unchangeable in his placidity of change, to run across Łukasz Downar in the same joint. He who has just disentangled himself from the black arras of indolence, from the unrestrained lack of will, immediately declared readiness to embark. After three days spent on the expedition's itinerary, the vessel was substituted with a submarine. And here, strained intelligence started to drill a tunnel in the neighborhood, like some mad, though methodical mole - determined and blind.
For a considerable point of time Krzysztof Redas had been squeezing with his knuckles a flow of violet out of his eyeballs. He fell into the tunnel. He took a torch. The submarine was changed into a balloon, that is, a zeppelin. Its irregular canopy began driftage, ruthlessly determined by adventure. The expedition was already in full swing, gathering on its way the echo of a prey. Suddenly - a cloud! Across the cloud and towards the expedition, towards himself toppled Tomasz Piątek. It was necessary to change to a cosmodrome.
The cosmodrome was seen in the last moment by Paulina from the fourth floor, but she was used to coping with life and not revealing her thoughts - in a word, a woman who knows what she wants.
The knowledge did not protect her against tripping over the barrier and falling down into the soft desert sand of stupid hesitation. And what about the cosmodrome? It glitters, its steering bones are ruffled, its ropes oiled, the epic cruise sets a new route with consecutive flashes of plasma accelerating machinery. A log-book is regularly completed with a furious font.
Everything is ready to flawlessly patch the white canvas of feasible space maps, to make reconnaissance and to confirm the existence of time myriad, vibrating synapses, black cephalopods on the island of inner landscapes. Meanwhile the world is a minute ahead and filled with its own beauty, with pain and joy of watching it, attacks in frenzy, punctures the spaceship. There is need for an engineer of illuminators. The vision creator! There he is!! And the Rubik dice comes alive joyfully in the hand of the commander as the eye cobbler - Maria Porzyc arrives. Everything is fixed then, the trajectory filed, it’s time to park in the wood .The spaceship is hidden among the undergrowth, form above it is covered with beech branches. Legs are stretched and thoughts come into mind. One thought more pleasant than the other and there is no need for any effort to chase and seek for them. Some positive vibration can be felt on a clearing filled with bright light and mingled wooden gnarls gathered as fuel. There is someone here! His mind is probably calm in his own asylum. It is so quiet in here. Soon it turns out that this is no one else but his old friend form the edge of the galactic - Jan Michalec. They follow together.

                                                                                                                                                Nature MD, PhD